To Apply is to take the imaginative leap and follow one’s creative instincts, whatever they may be. We’re here to give you the inspiration to keep going (or get going), and we’re eager to learn by your side. We’ll share techniques, tools, and tales of creativity, and explore the potential of stickers as building blocks for creative exploration and self-expression.

Imagine looking at the universe through the lens of a single, familiar shape - something as simple as a circle, or spot. What you’ll find is a through-line spanning time & space; nature & design. This is because everything is a spot from a certain distance, a rough approximation that grows in complexity with proximity. Majestic on their own. Symphonic together, forming constellations - earthly & otherwise. Look at them long enough & we cannot help but see something larger. Spots is a Collection from our exploration, but just the beginning of what’s out there. Use one to spice up the surfaces of your life. Use many to transform them altogether.