The Things I Have Drawn Set

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Sheet from Things I Have Drawn

Immerse yourself in childhood wonder with the complete Things I Have Drawn x Apply set. Get more than 50 stickers, offering numerous fun opportunities to build your own beast, feel freaky, or adopt a crazy creature. With this, you’ll also receive an additional collateral card with a landscape from this fantastical world on one side and information about our collaboration on the other side.

Two lucky purchasers will receive a “golden ticket,” a one-of-a-kind card crafted and signed by Tom and his family.


  • Bits of Beasties: One 7”x7” sheet with 29 unique kiss-cut stickers.
  • 14 Freaky Faces: One 7”x7” sheet with 14 unique kiss-cut stickers. 
  • Crazy Creatures: One 7”x7” sheet with 11 unique kiss-cut stickers. 
  • Four collateral cards with art from Things I Have Drawn & product info.
  • One 4”x6” postcard, featuring art from the Things I Have Drawn world.
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