Things I Have Drawn

Things I Have Drawn is a playful world of hybrid reality built by Tom Curtis & family. By combining the fanciful innocence of his children’s drawings with the “real skin” of a photograph, he transforms common things into extraordinary wonders – as if made with a child’s camera.

Bits of Beasties $20
7X7 Sheet
Crazy Creatures $20
7X7 Sheet
14 Freaky Faces $20
7X7 Sheet

About Things I Have Drawn

Imagine a world in which the things kids draw are real. That’s exactly what dad, Tom Curtis, did with his sons’ drawings, and they soon set social media on fire. But as Dom & Al got older, Things I Have Drawn took on a whole new life of its own, with parents from all over the world submitting their children’s creations to get the ‘real-life’ treatment.