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Spencer Lazar
ceo & co-founder

I’ve spent my adult life investing in and building technology startups. I grew up in our mom’s jewelry studio, where making always made me happy. At Apply, I bring these worlds playfully together, driving our creative direction, commercial strategy, and operating rhythm.

Chris Fischer
cdo & co-founder

17 years ago I joined my first startup and have been blessed to build many great products, technologies, and teams over the years.  Today I get to embrace my curious and joyful nature, and reimagine how technology can change the way we think of and use stickers.

Blake Hinckley

As a poetry-major turned consultant and entrepreneur, I've felt the pull between creative expression and building a business my whole career. At Apply, I get to do both, ensuring we make smart business decisions, while creating beautiful stickers.

Sam Mapp
Partnerships Lead

A second generation artist & art historian. My life’s work is understanding & practicing storytelling across a wide array of visual mediums, and helping others do the same. Stickers are the easiest way to do it. At Apply, I curate pictures & ideas from the past to help you all make new ones for a brighter future.

Graham Lazar
Co-Founder & Head of Product

Trained as a researcher, writer, and rogue creative, I help lead Apply’s product from conception through production. Though born in the glory days of the Chicago Bulls, my favorite sticker is an LA Lakers purple and gold 24 on the back of my phone.

Business Operations Lead

I’ve led teams on the adventure of scaling operations at startups of different stages. At Apply, I blend creativity & systems thinking to drive efficiency, reach, and speed, as well as broaden our product capabilities.


As an illustrator and designer, I aim to create playful and whimsical designs that radiate warmth and color. At Apply, I work on the sticker ideation process as well as the illustrative execution of fun and colorful stickers.

Luka Kimlicko

I’m a Colorado-based graphic designer with a love for the outdoors. At Apply, I am one in a highly talented team of sticker designers. I also specialize in reimagining our stickers in 3D and animated worlds, as face filters and digital stickers.

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To enjoy a sticker is to live with it. Ours are designed with this in mind.


We put our money where our mouth is. Our stickers change things.