How to Remove Stickers

How to Remove Stickers

There are two types of people in the world: those who put stickers on their laptops and those who don't. For those fortunate enough to own a laptop or tablet, they make for one of the best sticker canvases: personal, ever-present, and big enough for fun combinatorial creativity.

Over time, however, these canvases often get cluttered with weathered, tired, and out-of-fashion imagery. Sometimes, you just want a clean slate. But the prospect of removing undesirable stickers without damaging the underlying device is not fun. We joke that the thought alone has been known to bring on "pre-traumatic" stress disorder.

Knowing that you can cleanly remove stickers from your devices inspires confidence in using them liberally. If there is one barrier to using stickers, it's the anticipation of having to one day remove them. And while we designed our stickers specifically to avoid streaks of gummy adhesive & device damage upon removal, we know that most of the stickers on the market were not.

To help give you a fresh start on your favorite canvases, we're excited to share our preferred techniques for removing non-Apply stickers.

How to Remove Non-Apply Stickers:

Pick the edge or corner of a sticker with your fingernail and gently pull (note: we'd avoid using a scraping tool because this will damage the surface of the underlying object). If, after the sticker has been removed, residue remains from the adhesive, we recommend using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or rag to clean the surface. If you've got extra wet wipes from your latest order of barbeque, those will do just fine. Alternatively, Goo-Gone and (believe it or not) peanut butter (our favorite, Jif) will similarly work with a towel and a bit of friction.

How to Remove Apply Stickers:

To allay the fear of a messy sticker removal process, our initial sticker portfolio uses what we call "magic stick." This adhesive is different because it makes our stickers reversible. Place the sticker and lift it with ease; the process can be repeated, which extends the life and potential application of the sticker and is, in itself, a satisfying process (Peel FeelFTW)! Magic stick adhesive not only preserves the surface of the underlying possession but it transforms what had been a frustrating housekeeping chore into something fun. Don't just Apply, re-Apply!

With creative instincts now unbridled by the fears of pre-emptive regrets, go ahead and imagine new possibilities. The world is your canvas!

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