To Apply is to take the imaginative leap and follow one’s creative instincts, whatever they may be. We’re here to give you the inspiration to keep going (or get going), and we’re eager to learn by your side. We’ll share techniques, tools, and tales of creativity, and explore the potential of stickers as building blocks for creative exploration and self-expression.

Expanding the possibilities of jewelry with gallerist, Sienna Patti & friends

See the universe filtered through the lens of a familiar shape
Stickers are fashion for your everyday objects. Use them to dress up your stuff.
We all have our own path to stickers. Spencer & Graham, have their mom - a jeweler - to thank.
Welcome to Foundations, a sticky crash-course in our favorite medium.
A timeless sculptural form – equally delightful and thought provoking.
Frame something to make it special or reframe something to give it new life.
Everything is remixable, including our brand identity.

An open invitation to an ongoing conversation on creativity and all things stickers.

Apply is a new kind of sticker company. We’re on a mission to make stickers that change things.