Where The Wild Things Are, Now

Where The Wild Things Are, Now

Apply is a creative empowerment brand. This begins with imagination, followed by an act of translation. We hold an idea in our minds and then use whatever skills we have to bring it into the world. 

When we’re young, our artwork is often referred to as “stick figure” drawings. Whether attempts at capturing the world as we see it or fantasies of our own creation, our raw motor & artistic skills result in representations that are reduced and abstract. Photography often becomes a far more efficient means of conveying visual information, but the images we take with a camera are no less real than the things we draw with pen & paper. 

Things I Have Drawn is a wacky world animated by Tom Curtis in celebration of the imperfect and amusing results of youthful creativity. When his son, Dominic, was six-years old, Tom marveled at the world he had drawn - everything from animals to cars to people and even landscapes. From Dom’s perspective, this world was real, full of the things he observed every day. This sparked an unusual idea for Tom, who, with a sense of wonder, made digital scans of Dom’s drawings so that he could carefully “paint them” with a photograph of the same thing. In other words, Tom combined two real perspectives: Dom’s and his own. 

The results of this project have become an internet sensation. What started with adaptations of his son’s drawings, has turned into a global creative community, which not only follows TIHD but also supplies Tom with a steady stream of kids’ drawings to be animated. TIHD is a creative empowerment project that Apply admires, and is honored to bring to the sticker-verse. What takes Tom upwards of 10 hours to transform on the computer, is now available as a fast form of sticky creativity. Peel & place numerous combinations of 54 unique kiss cut stickers available in three distinct sheets. 

Bits of Beasties is a wild sheet that builds on Exquisite Face with 29 kiss cuts stickers of eyes & ears, noses & horns; mouths & beaks. Peeling these parts reveals furry mannequins beneath, ready to be brought to life in cooky combinations. Infinitely remixable, Bits of Beasties offers a fun way for you to quickly transform your favorite possessions into characters from TIHD & nurture your creativity.

Freaky Faces is a wild reimagination of Medusa, with 14 heads, each a kiss cut sticker. Building on our collection with Olaf Breuning, Peek-A-Boo, this sticker offers a cast of characters that fit nicely in your life. Think of them as avatars for your stuff, bringing spunk, joy, and creative energy to anything they touch. Have fun standing out!

Crazy Creatures is the most fully realized version of the TIHD world, featuring 11 exotic animals from land, air, and sea. Their legs may be too long and their fins might not quite flap, but everyone here is having a blast. Darwin would have been stumped to find any one of them, but David Attenborough would have a field day narrating this animal kingdom. 

Tom & his boys hid 6 "golden tickets" throughout the product release, each an original stickered and signed notecard with words of creative encouragement.

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