Why Apply?

Why Apply?

Visual representation is deeply human. Research from the Blombos Cave in South Africa suggests homo sapiens began drawing using red ochre pigments as early as 100,000 years ago, while the earliest known stencils of human hands in the Sulawesi Caves of Indonesia date to 39,000 years ago. To create, to leave a mark, to represent one's ideas through symbols – these acts are as old as we are.

At Apply, we’re captivated by the magic of making, the energy transfer from thought to action, from inspiration to a material mark. That’s why we named our company Apply: to Apply is to take the imaginative leap, to follow one’s creative instincts whatever they may be. We’re rooted in the conviction that creativity is innate. We’re guided by the mantra that There is No Wrong Way to Apply. We’re here to give you the inspiration to keep going (or get going), and we’re eager to learn by your side.

In this regard, we consider creativity to be a social activity. While for some, making happens in solitude, for many, it is nurtured through exchange, interaction, and conversation. Consider, for example, the seminal artistic schools of the 20th century: The Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, the South Side Community Art Center, and the Studio Museum in Harlem, not to mention fine art colleges like RISD and CalArts.

Here, in our company blog, How to Apply, we’re excited to build a digital space for conversation and empowerment. We’ll share techniques, tools, and tales of creativity, the artists and context that make it possible, and explore how stickers, our favorite medium, can serve as building blocks for exploration and self-expression. 

We think of stickers differently, and we’re excited to explore with you their endless possibilities. Unlike other media that require technical mastery, a sticker (an adhesive-backed image) is ready-made for making. We do the hard part – curating a library of sticky pictures from archives, museums, media companies, publishers, and more. You do the fun part: peel and Apply.

We’re delighted to get started in our mission to activate imaginations, and together, build a more vibrant world. 

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