Brush Up

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Sheet from Olaf Breuning

Brush Up glorifies the chaos of creativity, where rule-breaking is required & breakthroughs often occur by accident. This 7”x7” sticker sheet brings suspicious order to a series of mischievous brushes, excised & modified from Olaf’s original work, Happy Painters. Peel to reveal their productive power, Olaf’s reimagination of Warhol’s screenprinted 2 x 2 grid of Marylin Monroe. Don’t take them too seriously. Just have fun!

Brush Up is a limited edition release. Each print is 1/500 & hand-numbered One lucky purchaser will receive a “golden ticket,” an original signed Olaf piece, made with blacklight paint. 

  • One 7”x7” sheet with 20 kiss-cut stickers.
  • One 7”x7” detail of Marilyn 10, 2010.
Regular price

What are Sheets?

Themed sheets, printed on the best materials, with dozens of peels, ready to mix & match on your favorite things.