Selected Fragments

Selected Fragments

Introducing the Julian Montague x Apply Set (Summer 2021)

One of our favorite contemporary artists & illustrators is Julian Montague. In teaming up with him we were excited to explore the power of simple beauty & the joy found in letting our imaginations “complete the image.” We wondered together, how minimal can a sticker be to change things?

Julian’s work echoes a mid-century aesthetic. He delights in a wide range of representation, from figures with clear significance, like his boombox, to more abstract forms, such as his monsters. A simple shape & color may solicit associations from many different things, intended or not. Ambiguity creates opportunity.

Take a look at Julian’s instagram presence, and you’ll find an encyclopedic catalog of designs from across book covers, record sleeves, posters and more. While these are important aesthetic references, his iconography feels surprisingly connected to the digital, emoji-populated, present. When we contacted Julian, he was in the process of preparing for a mid-career museum retrospective. He was reviewing & organizing his work from the past 20 years, which stimulated an idea for a new kind of sticker sheet. 

With an interest in the utility of shelving for the display of objects in the format of an early modern cabinet of curiosities, we developed Selected Fragments. In it, you’ll three 7” x 7” kiss-cut sticker sheets available in Small, Medium & Large, with 24, 14 and 9 peels, respectively. Diminishing in quantity & increasing in scale, each sheet brings the objects of Julian’s affection together orderly, without fully resolving what unites them beyond his own interests. Peel & Reveal, a head in profile that may be a self-portrait by Julian, but is also inspired by The Shapes Trilogy, a brilliant children’s book series by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Curious of what a snapshot of Julian’s archive looks like? Selected Fragments: Small provides a good sense. Arranged on 5 horizontals that amount to 24 kiss-cut stickers, this sheet elicits equal amounts of delight & wonder. If you crack the code to Julian’s logic, please let us know. In any event, it’s a sticker marvel!
With 14 beautiful stickers to choose from, Selected Fragments: Medium is a balance of quantity & scale. Fit these onto the surfaces that define your life, i.e. phone, laptop, notebook, etc. Also, share the love & give one to a friend.

Selected Fragments: Large is a sticker sheet with 9 kiss-cut peels, sized to steal the show. Arranged in three rows, you’ll find a representative assortment of objects from Julian’s portfolio, including a rooster, apple & truck. 

Selected Fragments is a limited edition release, hand-numbered with 400 copies of each in circulation. To spice things up further, Julian has sprinkled 10 “golden tickets” throughout the release, each a signed stencil used to make one of his colorful characters.

Tag-team creatively with Julian. Start with the stickers & show us where you take them!

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