Setting: The Stage

Setting: The Stage

Settings are a new type of sticker, designed to kickstart creativity. While their imagery is striking on their own & can be used alone as a traditional sticker, they have a higher calling. Settings provide vibrant scenes into which you can place much smaller stickers, bringing new stories to life. They come in two formats, a full 8” x 8” square and one with an inset landscape. As with all Apply stickers, peeling any Setting reveals a wonderfully rich graphical print, serving as a fun visual prompt for creativity. 

Where Collection stickers (like those of Jewelry Box & Spots) are sized to fit nicely on everyday objects like phones & helmets, Settings are much larger, begging to be brought into new environments. Consider your desk, sitting beneath your gaze for much of the day. Perhaps your barren mirror, into which you stare while winding up or down with the sun. Windows, walls, cabinets, and closets - Settings transform them from surfaces to stages.

What makes for a good Setting? Depth of field; natural platforms for characters; a feeling that you’re peering through a portal into another world, one with narrative possibilities. Now, let’s meet our first four Settings!

Midtown: With a 100 million dollar view of Manhattan, Midtown offers you the city we love & call home for creative exploration. This expansive view of the theatrical capital of the world, captured in 2018 by Carol M. Highsmith, suggests rooftops as stages, inviting performers & spectators alike. Delight in the warmth of the sunset, as you let your imagination take hold. Peel & Reveal “skyscrapers” on the opposite end of the earth, the Swiss Alps, natural highrises.


Double Rainbow: A single rainbow is magical, said to lead to a pot of gold. What about a double rainbow? With almost mythological status, few have ever seen one in person. But in 2010, a hiker in Yosemite National Park stumbled upon one - like a yeti - in the forest, sharing it via YouTube with the world. 50 million views later, his voice alone still causes you to lean back. No less majestic, our Double Rainbow is a blast from the much more distant (pre-internet) past. Captured by René-Henri Digeon in 1868, this (super)natural Setting was published as an illustration of optics in a physics textbook. While improbable, his lithograph infused with watercolor is a testament to the possible. 


Paradise FoundThe best Settings are not just portals into other worlds, but invitations to shape them. Paradise Found does this, twice. First, through its sticker, picturing an opening in a painted wood, equipped with its own fairy to accent whatever tale you cast. Second, through what’s revealed with a peel: a photochrome ice tunnel, poking out into a barren mountain range. Enjoy their geometric parallels and contrasting temperatures. No matter which adventure you choose, it will be a good one! 

PerspectivePerspective pops with potential. Strong, warm colors & diagonal lines intersect to define an otherwise non-descript space. But what is it? A 1940s NYC restaurant ceiling mural German-American artist, Winold Reiss, designed to leverage optics to no doubt make the venue feel bigger than the Robert Moses-era authorities would permit. Peel it and you’ll reveal a mid- 19th century quilt, who’s color palette & geometry rhyme. Each is an invitation to make a creative mess, with stickers & more.  

Settings are new beginnings. While there are countless books in the world to choose from, each copy of every title starts and ends in the same place. Settings are choose-you-own adventures, without prescription. Beautiful in their own right, like any stage, they are what you make of them. No doubt, you will take them to places we could never have imagined. And when you do, show us @applystickers on IG! Cannot wait to see how you Apply!

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