Talking with Pictures

Talking with Pictures

Super Powers in Self-Expression

At Apply, we’re on a mission to give people creative and self-expressive superpowers, using stickers to make the world a better place. While physical stickers have been used to decorate sedans & suitcases for generations, the smartphones and cameras in our pockets offer new digital canvasses for creative expression. 

Whether one-to-one, or one-to-many, we no longer simply “text’ and “type,” but “drag and drop” and “copy and paste.” Content Aggregators like Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Unsplash have made images widely-accessible as building blocks for commercial and editorial communication. Moreover, look at the informal areas of self-expression online – social networks & messaging platforms – and you’ll find more eccentric creative building blocks, GIFs and digital stickers, 15B+ of which are sent daily around the world.

At Apply, we want to give you powerful and evocative tools – stickers, in every channel you express yourself, on- and offline. When you want to tell a joke to a group of friends, we want to give you a sticker to help land it. When you want to flirt with a romantic interest, we want to give you a sticker to help you get the the first date. When you want to celebrate the achievements of your sibling, we want to give you a sticker to playfully channel excitement. Drumrolls, sparks, exclamation points! As Apple said in their iPhone 7 marketing campaign, “Say it with Stickers.”

While we are locked in our homes due to the global pandemic, we’ve already begun to embark on an election like none other: one where voting will take place over weeks vs. hours; by mail vs. in-person ballot; in solitude vs. gatherings. Burdened by real-world friction and unable to-door-to door canvas, we have an opportunity to leverage the expressive powerlow cost, and incredible speed of digital stickers to tell anyone who will listen what we stand for and how to express those ideas into results at the polls. 


Each of our three Apply 2020 products was designed with these digital outlets in mind. Whether you use them to update your profile photo as a communal reminder to fulfill your civic duty; nudge your parents to vote safely by mail; or celebrate completing your own ballot; we hope you enjoy them, play with them, get weird with them, and use them to get out the vote!

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